Welcome and Thank You for visiting Guwela Safaris

Guwela means  “Old dagga bull”  “The loner”  “The big old bull”
The “big old dagga bull” embodies our commitment at Guwela to you our guest,  “we are specialists”
Claude Kleynhans is the founder and owner of Guwela Safaris CC, established since 1987. Claude and his team has been hosting Big Game, Plains Game and Photographic Safaris with ultimate success.  Claude guides and host clients from across the globe for the past 30 years and is well respected internationally for his superior hunting ethics and professionalism.

Guwela Safaris is located in the Limpopo province of  South Africa. Guwela Safaris owns the sole hunting rights to truly the ” jewel of Africa”  the 40 000 acres Makuya Nature Reserve open to the adjoining World renowned Kruger National Park. Vast herds of Cape buffalo, elephant and plains game roam free in this untamed wilderness.

At Guwela Safaris it is our mission to impart and share the “love of Africa” with you. It is our highest priority at Guwela Safaris to provide you with a true African experience that not only meets, but exceeds our valued guest’s expectations and turn your dreams into a living reality.

At Guwela Safaris you will come as a client but leave as a friend.

Guwela Team

“Tranquility, Serenity, Heart Stopping…
                   this is the Africa you dreamed off,
                                                           this can be you…


Dangerous Game

Free Range -Vast Open Areas.

Elephant Hunting.

Enjoy the excitement and trill of a 14 day Elephant hunt.


Plains Game

Abundance of game. Open Areas

Trophy Plains Game Hunting

Enjoy the chase of a Trophy plains game animal in our vast open hunting area.


Dangerous Game

Free Range - Unlimited size.

Buffalo Hunting.

Come and experience Buffalo hunting at its best at our free range area where size is unlimited.


Tiger Fishing

Enjoy the trill of Tiger Fish catch.

Tiger fish catching.

For the fish lover. Enjoy the adrenaline of caching tiger fish in the Livuhvu river.

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